Fun Calculus Activities for Limits

It's the beginning of school and it is HOT here in the Midwest.  I mean excruciatingly hot!  We only have AC in selected areas of our building and apparently the math department does not rate AC!

So, what can be done to make LEARNING ABOUT LIMITS fun???  Give some of these activities a try:

1) Limits with QR Codes Task Cards - This is my own activity that you can use after students have learned about finding limits algebraically.  Students will use the 16 task cards given.  After they figure out the correct answer, they can use technology to scan the QR Code on the task card to check their answer.  Instant feedback :)

2) Limits Card Sort - This activity is by Emily Hasty.  I purchased this activity last week - I haven't tried it yet, but I intend to try it before my students take a limits quiz.  The basic idea is that students will get a formula for a piecewise function along with 18 cards.  They have to figure out which 6 of the cards go with their function.  The cool thing is that each card is lettered.  If they pick the correct 6 cards, the cards spell a word so the teacher can easily check to see if they have chosen the right 6 cards - cool idea!

3)  Limits Joke Worksheet - This activity is by MrsCookKHS.  The best part - it's FREE!  This is a great review for limits.  Students work the problems - then if they work them correctly, they reveal a funny joke.

Hope you can find something that will keep everyone working through this horrible heat!

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