Tried a Graphic Organizer Today

I have been wondering whether my Geometry Honors class would like the idea of an interactive notebook.  Ughhh...too much gluing - why are we doing this, etc?

So, I decided to start small and try a graphic organizer for my first day of Geometry Honors notes.

Here is a picture of it, but I have it available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store (for FREE!) if you are interested in downloading it.  (download available HERE)

I had the students working on something else (factoring review) while everyone cut and then the glue sticks went around.

As I gave notes, I actually think that the students enjoyed having some of the work done for them.  It did make things go a little faster because they didn't have to redraw my diagrams.  (Although part of geometry is drawing the diagrams!)  Also, it did help keep the students' notes organized - everything I wanted to say fit in a specific box.  They should be able to go back and re-read their notes and understand what goes with what.

All in all, I give my first effort a thumbs up - although I am definitely going to need more glue sticks :)

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