Tech Tip of the Month

I am the department chair at my school and we are looking to start using iPads next year schoolwide.  We are really working on finding ways to use iPads in the classroom and to improve our communication with students and parents.

So, I intend to try to provide a "Tech Tip" of the month to the members of my department.

Tomorrow, since it is our first department meeting of the year, I am going to try to get everyone excited about using QR Codes.

I am going to give each person a little welcome back tag with their name and QR Code on it.  If I would have thought of this fabulous idea earlier, I would have attached the tag to a little welcome back gift.

I know they won't all have a QR Code Reader installed on their mobile device, so I am going to show everyone how to do that and how to use and create a QR Code.  I am hoping that they will be as excited as the students are to see what the QR Code says!

Then, I want to show how I am using QR Codes in my classroom.  I have made several different types of Task Cards with QR Codes on them.  In addition, I have had students scan a QR Code when they come into the room so they can get the answers to their homework.

I am hoping that after I show the "Tech Tip" of the month, that other people in my department will develop other fabulous uses of QR Codes.

What do you use QR Codes for?

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